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Seth Bling’s MarI/O is an implementation of the NEAT machine-learning algorithm that teaches itself to play Super Mario.

My initial attempts to run MarI/O were on OSX. While these attempts were ultimately unsuccessful, I did learn a few things.

Attempt #1: BizHawk on OSX

I first tried to use the OSX build of BizHawk. (

Super Mario World (SNES)

When loading “Super Mario World (USA).sfc”, this error appeared;

"Couldn't locate the executable for SNES emulation..."

osx snes error

AFAICT BizHawk OSX doesn’t ship with “libsneshawk-32-compatibility.exe”, which tells me SNES emulations aren’t supported on OSX (?)

Super Mario Bros (NES)

 "Sorry, Lua is not supported on this platform."


Attempt #2: OpenEmu (OSX)

Since I couldn’t run BizHawk on OSX, what about a different emulator? I hoped all I needed was Lua scripting capabilities, and with any luck, very few changes to the API calls in neatevolve.lua script, right? (Such optimism!)

OpenEmu was the most promising OSX emulator since it threatened to also have Lua scripting capabilities. However on closer inspection it seems the project’s lua scripting branch has been abandoned.

Attempt #3: VirtualBox VM

Super Mario World (SNES)

Then I tried BizHawk inside a VirtualBox VM (I chose Windows XP).

In hindsight this is probably bad idea. MarI/O takes several *days* to evolve a genome that can complete a single level. It consumes about 40% CPU on my Macbook Air, running Windows 8 on bare metal (i.e. Boot Camp). Performance will be considerably worse in a VM. Lacking this information, and not wanting to install Windows via Boot Camp at that stage, I gave it a try…

On a standard install, BizHawk defaults the Display Method to GDI+ and it will run ROMs just fine inside a VM.

However MarI/O (i.e NEATevolve.lua), requires OpenGL. Runing in GDI+ mode and loading the script barfs on an OpenGL error;

"System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source"

OpenGL error

I tried to change the BizHawk Display Settings from GDI+ to OpenGL, and they didn’t stick (ie. it reverted to GDI+).

GDI+ reverting

Investigating further, I figured my VM graphics driver is to blame. Out of the box VirtualBox does not give the VM access to the hosts video hardware, which AFAICT is required for Direct3D/OpenGL.

virtualbox direct 3d option

I installed this ‘experimental’ support by changing the VM display settings, and as instructed, booting XP in safe mode to install the drivers.

VM settings

It installed just fine, and I can now select the OpenGL display mode (and it won’t revert to GDI+). A small win.

However, as you can see from this screenshot, the SNES ROM loads, I can hear the music, but there is something wrong with the video.

OpenGL drawing error


This is as close as I got before giving up and running MarI/O on Windows 8 via Boot Camp with much more success!

If anyone had more success than me in getting MarI/O running on OSX, I’d love to hear from you!

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